Book Reviews

703 by Nancy Makin is a must read if you want to take a look into the life and mind of a home bound obese person who is willing to take a look at her life.  I found myself welling up with tears many times during the book and actually sitting on my couch sobbing during one of the last chapters.  In the beginning, it was because of the experiences that Nancy had in her life.  Towards the end it was because her words spoke to my heart and soul.

What is humbling is that Nancy is not a victim of what has happened in her life. Rather, she shares what happened and the choices she made in life at that time. She shares the impact her life choices had on her family and herself through the years. She also shares what a difference the loving people in her life made as well as the impact of the righteous people along the way.

This is not a book about weight loss. I think that’s what prompted me to pick it up. It’s a book about a journey in finding one’s self. We hear those words a lot “I need to find myself”.  I actually found myself in some of Nancy’s  pages.  This is a book to read if you like to read of triumph and the human spirit.  It’s also a book to read if you have ever wondered “how can someone do that to herself/ himself?”  You will find compassion and understanding as you read this book.

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