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I feel one of my purposes is to be the voice for those who don't feel they have one. I share my personal healing and my help to heal others so that people see that they aren't alone in this life and to help others heal.

Making your scars into gold

There’s so much to say in this post that I’ll need to do it in several parts.  Let me start by saying that for four years, I’ve been doing morning calls with a handful of people four mornings a week … Continue reading

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Animal Messages

Do you pay attention to the messages you receive through creatures?  It’s only been the past couple of years that I’ve begun to notice when I have unusual animal sightings.  Even though I live in a city”ish” area, we have … Continue reading

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September’s Monthly Reading

I get messages. We all do. Sometimes we listen and sometimes we don’t.  I got a message that I need to start doing a monthly reading and publishing it.  I wanted to say “NOPE”!  Using cards is new to me. … Continue reading

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Emotional Outbursts

Part of my self care practice is to get acupuncture and energy work once a month.  Yesterday I had my acupuncture appointment.   As we started she asked “How are you?”  “I’m great overall but feeling emotional.” The next thing … Continue reading

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Get rid of the purple chair!

Messages from the other side, from the dead, from those who have crossed, people who have passed on- use whatever euphemisms you want- often raise the skeptic in folks.  I mean how can that possibly be true????  It can be … Continue reading

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I don’t hear you… nah nah nah

As I ended a recent Reiki treatment with a first timer and finished sharing the messages I was asked to deliver, I asked “What did you think?” The response “It was nice but it was disappointing. I didn’t get my … Continue reading

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Shit. It hurts sometimes.

Healing isn’t always easy. Who am I kidding?  It’s rarely easy in the moment.  There are times when the desire IS to rip off the band aid but what’s underneath is just so freaking raw. Awhile back, I posted about … Continue reading

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