I decided to start this blog because writing is part of recovery.  I figured that there are so many who think they are alone with their compulsion of over eating.  I want people to know they are  not alone and I want to heal as well.  I figured this was a great marriage of the two.

5 Responses to About

  1. karen meyer says:

    Good for you, Yvette….I will be interested to see how things go. I am a compulsive OE as well, not yet ready for OEA, but will follow you on your journey. Hmmmmm, wondering if you were inspired by Julie & Julia 🙂 Just saw that movie recently. Well, lots of luck & love to you! ♥ Karen

  2. jane says:

    i love reading your blog! keep up the good work.

  3. Cory Johnson says:

    Yvette, you amaze me. I am so moved and inspired by your blog. What do I do to receive this or to be a follower?

  4. Suzen says:

    Hello Yvette! I loved your post about the Yoga. You forget, I think, in this incredibly superficial culture in which we live that you have qualities that many people are unable to see. Things like humor, and warmth and courage. You are just a marvelous invention of a human being. I never thought you were really anything but resigned and accepting of your physical persona. Whatever you do with your health, I wish you the best and I wish you peace. Honestly, we all have our “stuff.”

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