It’s all about the base (chakra that is)

Awhile back I was away at a retreat and took a walk with my partner, Walter.  We stopped at one place near a lake and sat down and I noticed a red dragon fly.  Having never seen one, I thought that was pretty darn cool!  I watched it fly and dart around and didn’t think much of it.  When we were done there, Walter left and I kept walking.


I moved to a new area where I sat down and lo and behold, the red dragon fly appeared again.  (Yes, the picture below is my picture of it.) This time it was persistent. It kept flying around me, settling in front of me, flying around me, settling near me etc.  I was clear that it was there for me and had a message.  (Yes, for those of you who see animals/ insects that are “out of place”, there are messages.)  So, I asked it “I know you are here for me. What message do you have?”   The answer was immediate. “Work on your base.”

red dragon fly

My immediate reaction was “awww man! really?”  (of course I did say thank you) The base is about feeling secure and how do I compensate for not feeling secure? Food.  To me the message was to work on food choices and I immediately got annoyed. Funny, right? But this “all about the base” has been playing in my mind a LOT since I got the message.   Yes, there was an intentional play on words there for those of you who are now singing Adele’s All About the Base song.  I can’t apologize because I’ve been singing it since my dragon fly visit.  This message has been consistent because I’m sure this is not just about me.

I’m really clear that as a nation, there’s a need to work on our sense of safety and security.  We Do. Not. Feel. Secure and Safe!  In the past month, we have had three destructive and life altering hurricanes; Harvey, Irma and Maria.  We’ve seen a devastating earthquake across the border in Mexico.  We’ve had a mass shooting in Vegas and fires in California the likes of which we’ve never seen.  Add to that the political climate of today with a president who likes to stir things up rather than bring peace and calm and most recently, the #metoo of women joining together to share that they too have been victims of sexual harassment or abuse.  (And yes, there have been many other world challenges but these are the ones that are right here with us and our geographical neighbors.)  Our base of safety has been rocked.

What do we currently do about this?  We get angry. We rage. We cry or we use a false sense of grounding. What is your go to way of grounding yourself in security? Are you like me and you reach for food? Do you reach for cigarettes?  Do you shop?  Gamble? Drink?  Get lost in FB or TV?  Video games?  Maybe you use a healthy way to ground yourself.  Kudos to you. Really! Awesome work.

It has become more evident to me that my Reiki services are needed more now- as are all light workers’ services- then ever.  Our calling is to help people be secure in their earthly bodies and help them calm their emotional minds and spiritual energy.  The more we are amped up in our discomfort the more dis-ease we feel and the more diseases we manifest.  The importance of self care during this time when we lack a feeling of security is so important.

This past week one of my clients came to me because she is not feeling secure in this country and there’s been a major impact on her and living a full and vibrant life.  When we left the session she could breathe more easily, felt more relaxed and I’d been given some messages to share with her. She had some exercises to use to help keep herself feeling safe and some crystals to use for the same purpose.

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About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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