My spirit room- come take a look!

I have this room. This really cool room where I go to meditate, offer Reiki and teach my Reiki classes. It’s also where I go to write and think and just “be”.   I’m very blessed and I want to share the story of the room because it’s kinda cool.

This house was built in the early 1900s by the mayor of the city.  It was sold to a Doctor at one point and the room I used was part of the practice.  Before that, when my partner and his wife moved in, he used it for an office until she wanted it to do clay work and put a kiln in it.  When I approached Walter about turning it into a spirit room, it was being used for storage by  one of his friends.   There was a lot- and I mean a LOT-of energy in this room that was not mine.

One of the first things that I did was wash the walls to literally wash away any residual energy that was left behind.  I had the door to the outside open to let in fresh air and as I was conscientiously doing this, I heard a crash.  It sounded like a car crash but not like a car crash.  I could not figure out what the sound was.  I looked out the door only to see that a tree had fallen across our driveway.  This is a view from the road looking toward the house.   That space in between stone walls is our driveway.   There was NO wind that day.  None.  It fell in the best way possible- across the drive way.  Not on the street.  Not on a house and not on anyone!  It was clear to me that I was moving an amazing amount of energy out of that room.  I have other thoughts about the energy I moved but I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion.tree down 2


The whole room is special but there’s several key focal points.   One is my bowl of crystals.  I’ve been collecting them along the way and picking out ones that appeal to me and then finding out their purpose.  I’m currently in a 16 week program to become a crystal clinician so I will be adding about 70 crystals to this collection.  WHOA!  Crystals!  When I look at them though, I get this sense of calm and peace.  This is just part of what I use for my healing sessions.

crystal bowl for blog


Then there are the plants.  I have about 12 plants in my space and BOY HOWDY do they like to have babies in there!  The moment I brought them inside from their summer vacation outside they started birthing all over the place!  The energy is so wonderful in there that they just go crazy!  When I walk in I can feel the life they bring!

spirit room plants with babies

My room wouldn’t be complete without my angel fish.  I find that the sound of water is very calming and nourishing for me.  I’m a Pisces and that might have something to do with it. I can sit and watch the fish swim and I just feel like I’m transported to a place of calm.  Besides the angels there is an electric blue ram who is just gorgeous.

fish tank

Then we have my ancestor and spirit animal wall.  Before each session, I turn to this alter of sorts and invite in all my ancestors and spirit animals who come in love.  My spirit animal is a Siberian tiger and I have a lot of cat energy in my life.  In this picture you see my grandparents and father.  I feel honored to give them a place of honor in the spirit room. Below them is a shelf filled with animal items- feathers and such.  There are pictures of my cats who have crossed over who are part of my healing path.   Again, I feel spiritually connected but this gives me a visual connection.

ANCESTORS image for blog

There’s so much more to this room. My cards, rattles, singing bowl, books, comfy seat, chimes, candles etc.  I want people to walk in and feel at home when they come to visit.  But for those of you doing a distance session, I wanted you to have a sense of what my space looks like when I’m working with you.   Feel free to join my healing page or my FB group.   I believe we all heal together so the more folks we have who join us in the conversation, the greater the reach of healing.

About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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