Your October Reading

Happy October- and from what the cards say, it will be if you’ve been working on projects or dreams.  I was drawn to ask what it is we need to surrender using The Power of Surrender Cards by Judith Orloff and then what messages the Fairies have for us using the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

october 2017 reading

First let’s talk about what we need to surrender.  There is a need to surrender your attachment to results and then surrender to trust.  You’ve been wanting something to go your way.  There is a difference between manifesting and intending an outcome and holding on to it like your life depends on it.  When you hold tightly to something, it doesn’t happen.  Think of it like trying to hold water.  If you grasp your hands around water to tightly grasp it, it disappears.  However, if you cup your hands with the intention of collecting the water, you will fill your hands up.   This is what surrendering to results looks like.  Let the results gather rather than holding them so tight they run!

This is also where you need to surrender to trust.  Trust yourself and your decisions and trust in your higher power or guides. If you still have nay sayers in your life, don’t listen to what they have to say or let them pull you back into the bucket of crabs.   Breathe deeply and trust in the path you’ve chosen.

Next let’s talk about the Fairy lessons.  I laughed when I saw their messages because they followed in line with the surrender messages.  Where’s the surprise in that? Not!

We have the nine of summer letting you know that your wishes come true and your dreams are fulfilled. Remember that you are releasing yourself from your attachment to those results so space is given for you to have those results.  If you haven’t recently thought about your dreams and desires, it’s time to spend some quiet time thinking about this.  Write them down and then trust in the process and see what the next card has to say.

The chariot is pointing to the success from the dedication and self discipline you’ve put in.  I know. You are saying “but Yvette, I’m not supposed to be attached to the outcome”  You are right.  No attachment AND you still need to do the work.  You still need to turn on the water and open your palms to receive the water.  You’ve been working and putting things and systems in place to move forward in this dream of yours. It’s time to celebrate.  If you are just writing down your dream, put in those systems and do that work and you too will be celebrating with the rest of us.

And lastly, we have the Two of Autumn reminding you to bring fun into everything you do.  You’ve been juggling multiple things and priorities and maybe even jobs. (That’s pretty darn typical in our society today.)  You can have this all be fun and have it seem even easier if you add fun to all that you do.  Gratitude is very helpful in this arena.  Add joyous gratitude to the bounty of opportunity rather than the drudgery of all of you have to do.  Maybe you want to keep a joy journal or a gratitude journal.

It looks like this month is about celebrating the work you’ve been putting in or will be putting in.  Take time to breathe, surrender and have fun and you will be basking in the results.  I’d love to hear what projects you’ve been working on that will be coming to fruition.  Find me over on Facebook  Healing with Yvette

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I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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