What is “distance” Reiki

I was doing a distance Reiki session recently and realized I wanted to share with you all a bit about how that works on my end and on your end.  First, I want to share with you a bit about my experience of being a receiver of distance Reiki and then I’ll share some about being the deliverer.  So distance Reiki is when you are in one geographic area and the Reiki practitioner is in another.

I had been receiving Reiki for way more than a year when I decided to try out a distance session.   I remember my first one most vividly. At the time I had three cats and  I was laying on my bed with the covers on during the session.  I felt one of the cats get on my legs and lay down.  I didn’t think anything of it because two of my three cats were cuddlers.  I closed my eyes and felt the energy from the healing and when the time I was up, I opened my eyes only to discover that the cat on my legs was Zara.  Yes, my healing partner, who, at the time,  had never, EVER gotten on my lap was on my legs to receive the Reiki. She loved it.

Another time during a distance session, I had a past life regression.  I vividly saw myself in the back of a covered wagon.  I was surrounded by my children and we were pulling away from a grave site where I’d just buried another child of mine- a boy.  I’d lost a baby. I heard myself say “We must move on. There is no time to grieve.”  That was an incredibly intense and wonderful experience to be regressed so easily through a distance session.  I found myself in a fetal position crying with the release of sadness.  It hasn’t happened since but it opened up another level of healing for me when I realized that grief was stored in my body even though it was from another life time.

covered wagon

Now let me share what it’s like for me as a practioner delivering distance Reiki to you.  The first thing we do is talk on the phone for about ten minutes.  I ask you what’s going on and where you want to focus our healing.  I then pick a card for your session or have you help me pick a card.  (I ask some questions to get the card that you want me to pick.) We talk about that card and it’s meaning.  I remind you that you and I might have something we want for you out of the session but the universe might have another plan.  I ask you to wash your hands, get into a comfortable chair or bed, and then set your alarm to call me back in forty minutes.  (You see. There’s a good chance you will fall asleep and I’d rather have you call me then to wake you up by calling you.)

palo santo

On my end (I’ve already smudged the room, prepped crystals, connected with my guides and washed my hands before we even talked.) I sit in my comfortable chair and a half with some calming music in the background.  I then imagine you on my Reiki table. I go through the hand positions over your chakras and go where I’m intuitively lead.  I listen to any messages I receive and write them down so I can share them with you.  What’s cool though is that on this imaginary table, you are the one spinning and moving.  When I move from your crown and third eye chakras to your heart chakra, I don’t move ME in my mind.  I move the table.  I realized this last week during the session and it was just fun to notice.  When we are in person, I move around the table. When we are distance, the table moves where I need it to be so I can be stationary.

yvette crown chakra

When you call me back, you share with me what happened on your end and I share what I had. This exchange takes about ten minutes.  I text you the image of the cards or any crystals that were used.

What I love about distance Reiki is that YOU can be anywhere.  You don’t have to take travel time (even if you are local)  and if you are not local, it doesn’t matter.  If you take a look at my FB page https://www.facebook.com/healingwithyvette/  you will see testimonials from just some of my distance clients.

Healing with Yvette FB cover photo

About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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