It’s Play Time!

Like many intuitive Reiki masters and practitioners, I use cards of all sorts in my practice.  Tarot, Angel, Animal Spirit.  OK. OK.  I have about 12 decks and I’m pretty sure that’s minor league in comparison to others.  Cards are like crystals.  You don’t have enough and you can never have enough.  I am called to different decks for different reasons and before a session with someone, I will ask which deck or decks are coming out to join us.  Whether it is in person or distance I will use cards for many sessions.

Before a recent session, I had a sense that the angels had a message for me and I needed to pull a card.  So I went to my wall of cards and pulled out Doreen Virtue’s deck Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle cards.  Before I tell you the card, let me share that I’ve been working on work/work balance.  Working my current business with Pampered Chef that I’ve been doing for 22.5 years and building this new healing business- Healing with Yvette.  I’ve been challenged in figuring out how to split my time and manage it.  This past weekend I was scheduled to go to a retreat with Walter for the church.  My thought was:

“Awesome!  I will use this time to write content for my website!”.

I was all set to do that.  I knew what I needed to bring with me etc.  Then I “hear” a message that I need to draw a card for myself.   This is the card I drew:



I just shook my head and said “OK. OK. I hear you!”  My carefully crafted plans of working while away to create content for my website flew out the window- on angels wings you could say.  I’m happy to report that I spent three hours on Friday working on the content and then was fully present during the retreat Friday night-Sunday morning.

Sunday I came back and taught a Reiki 1 Class.  (The focus of Reiki 1 is on self healing and learning “what is reiki?”)  As I was preparing for the class, I got a sense to bring out the decks of cards and offer them up to each student to pick one deck  and ask a question.  I then picked from the remaining decks and asked “What message do you have for me?”  Would you like to guess the card before you look at the picture?


Right?  I mean. Come on!  Really?  Didn’t I just go away for two nights and one full day?  Apparently I did not play enough.  Truth be told I don’t play enough. I feel like I don’t use my time effectively and so I don’t deserve that time.  If only ever day was like my day before vacation where I get lots done and feel accomplished and deserving of vacation time.   I know I’m not alone with this.  Maybe we can start an accountability club for play. Kids get a play group- why can’t we?  I heard the message to get the message from the card.  Now the next step, apparently, is listening to the card.  Details. Details.


About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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