What’s that I hear?

Before I start a Reiki healing session- and often before I meditate, I stand before my ancestor alter and invite in all who have gone before me that come in love.  I specifically ask for the mothers and grandmothers of the hearth.  During healing sessions that I’ve received, we’ve traveled to the hearth of mother earth and been with the women around the fire so it’s comfortable for me to invite them in.  It’s become part of what I do.


During a recent session, I started the way I always do.  The way I just shared.  It was a distance session so I was sitting in my spirit room delivering the session and I started to hear what I thought was chanting. I know my face scrunched up and I tilted my head.  “huh”?  I heard it some more but it was as if it was behind a thick wall. I could hear it but I couldn’t. I could hear the rhythmic way of it but I couldn’t hear the words.  Then I heard the words and then I lost them.  They weren’t words that I understood or knew.  I found myself straining to hear this melodic native or African chanting.  Then I realized I was doing that and I just relaxed and allowed it to be while I continued on with the session.

I ended the session and was still puzzled.  I was clear that this wasn’t a message for my client.  It was as if I had back up in the session.  Those women from the hearth that I called in were there or it was someone else.  BUT I was struggling with “was that real?”  “Did I really hear that?”  Yes, I still question my abilities as they expand.  I reached out to a fellow Reiki master and asked her if she’d ever experienced this.  You see, I wanted that human experience of validation.  She told me no and then he asked me if what I’d gotten was for the client.  I told her, no, I felt they were with me.  She then shared that she felt it was MY circle of healers from another time and now that I’m opening my intuition further, I’ll receive more and more messages.

How cool is THAT?

Now that I know they are there, like the mothers of the hearth, I will call them in each time I do a session.  It’s like having a healing posse. I know that might sound tongue and cheek and it’s not meant to be.  When we are drawn into the world of healing, we are part of a huge energetic circle.  I have incredible humility that I’ve been called to do this work and serve others in their healing process.  I heal. You heal. We heal.

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About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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