Making your scars into gold

There’s so much to say in this post that I’ll need to do it in several parts.  Let me start by saying that for four years, I’ve been doing morning calls with a handful of people four mornings a week for 30 minutes each time.  We’ve had some changes in folks, but the core four of us have been together for four years.  (Me, Rahim, Shelley, Trista) Napoleon Hill’s definition of a Master Mind group is:  “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”   Our purpose is that each of us grow into our powers and then bring them to the world.  I’ll share more about the group with another blog. This one I want to focus on a magical experience.

spinning wool

Each year we get together in person.  Two of us live in the same city but one other is in PA and one in MI so we meet once a year at someone’s house and spend several days together.  We opened our session this past weekend with the question “What do you want from the weekend?”  I responded that I wanted to heal the life times of sexual abuse and assault.  Sexual abuse across lifetimes  After I wrote the blog I just referenced, during an energy healing session, it became clear that at one time I was a perpetrator.  She saw me as a man wielding a sword.   So, my desire this weekend was to heal the cycle of paying for my initial perpetration.  To grieve for  being the violator and the violated and heal.

First, I need to tell you that all four of us are energy healers in our own way.  Only one of the four (Rahim) came to the call knowing he was a healer. The rest of us have learned and honed in the past years.  During the weekend we all took our turn on the table receiving energy healing from the three others at the same time.  Can I just tell you that receiving healing from three folks at the same time is freaking amazing!

When we started, I felt all three around me and I breathed in knowing I was safe to open myself to whatever came up.  The first thing that came were tears.  I found myself crying. I didn’t know the source I just felt the emotion.  When that stopped, I just kept presencing myself and breathing to keep myself from getting too much into my head.  (You see. I’m one of those people who starts thinking as I’m getting healings. I have to work to be with the energy sometimes.)  I felt someone tapping on my hands, wrist, elbow then feet.  I had no idea what was happening.  I just allowed it all to happen.

When we were done, Rahim told me he’d worked on my meridian points to desensitize my body to the trauma and stress.  He’d left them open to allow the trauma to dissipate over night and agreed we’d close them the next day.  At some point he said the goal is to turn the scar/ trauma into gold.  Trista told me about her experience of releasing my hand from the sword.  It was literally being shaken out of my hand.  Shelley told me about the vision of me holding something in my arms and being heart broken and that I’d put up a wall to protect my heart.  I asked her if it was a baby because I know I’ve lost children in past lives.   She wasn’t sure but she knew that I had a broken heart.  During the time, I had a vision of a book being opened and page upon page blowing away in the wind.  There were other things shared but these were the main things to share at this moment.

When I went to bed, I used crystals to keep me safe since we’d left me spiritually open.  I originally was going to protect myself from dreaming because I have very vivid and complex dreams and I was concerned about what would surface since I was open.  But as I got into bed, I decided to keep myself open.  I remember thinking, “if I scream or am upset, I’m with people I trust.”  I had some wild, wild dreams.  The most intriguing was  one that involved all four of us at a sleep over. (That’s pretty funny since we were all sleeping at the one house.)  At one point in the dream, Rahim was massaging my heart chakra which felt like a hard lump under my skin.   I woke up thinking “wow.  That was realllly interesting!”

The next evening. We did a fire ceremony and brought with us one thing we wanted to release.  Yes, I wanted to release anything that might be left from the lifetimes of abuse.  We started with a meditation and when we were each ready, we stood in front of the fire to release it.  My mediation was beautiful.  I reached to the healers who gather with me spiritually and energetically and asked for support.  A vision came of a golden thread being drawn out of my sacral chakra (One of the things the sacral chakra is associated with is sexuality and its expression.).  It was being spun on a wheel.  Then simultaneously, a blanket was being woven from the golden thread and I saw a pen writing in the gold.  I was clear that I was to bring forth healing and comfort with my writing and healing and my pain was being turned into gold.  It was a beautiful vision and the lighting and backdrop showed me that I was with the grandmothers of the earth. We were at the hearth.

You know. I can’t tell you if it’s gone. I will know over time.  I do know that on the second day, I felt as though I had space in my sacral area.  Not a gaping, open space but I felt as though a dark blob of energy had turned white.  It felt lighter.  I do know that whatever we did, it was another layer of the healing.  My healing is your healing.  The work we do not only heals us but helps to heal all.   Join me at     The larger we grow as a healing community the more energy we impact.

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I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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  1. Trista says:

    It was an honor

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