Animal Messages

Do you pay attention to the messages you receive through creatures?  It’s only been the past couple of years that I’ve begun to notice when I have unusual animal sightings.  Even though I live in a city”ish” area, we have a back yard that has regular animal visits.  I mean, it’s not uncommon for me to look out and see mama with this year’s fawn and last years baby.  (yearling, mama, baby from left to right in picture)  This picture was taking about a week ago.

three deer

BUT what about those unusual sightings that give you pause and have you take notice? Well, they have you take notice IF you pay attention.  For example, just a few days ago I was washing dishes and thinking about all the things I needed to do for my Pampered Chef business and growing my healing business and a hummingbird flew up to the window and then dropped down below to see if there was something delish in the flowers.  “OH… neat.”  I thought to myself.  THEN…. it flew up again and stuck it’s beak into the screen at me.  Yes. Yes it did.  I then said OHHHH you have a message for me.  Let me take a look and see what it is.


I proceeded to look up the meaning of the hummingbird.  (I use this on line site       or I use Animal Speak by Ted Andrews)   There’s a list of things that the hummingbird can mean but JOY stood out to me.  I was all mired down in my to do list and what there was to get done and I was standing there doing house work.  Doing. Doing. Doing.  The hummingbird came in to remind me to be in joy. To live in joy. To focus on joy.  I was reminded to stop getting bogged down in the doing of life and remember to live it.   Thank you!    Here’s another example from months ago.

I was just starting my day with a shower and doing my best thinking. (Don’t we all do great thinking in the bathroom.)  I was thinking that my business wasn’t where I wanted.  I didn’t have enough. I was standing in my bathroom on the second floor and I looked out the window and saw a turkey.  To be honest, I looked around my bathroom for a video camera to see if I was being punked.  Right?  It’s my bathroom. Why would there be a camera?  But I really was confused that I was seeing a turkey 20 feet from a city street.  I pressed my face to the window to look right and left and scan the area for others.  I then turned to see if my partner, Walter, was awake for me to tell.  He was not. I turned back and the turkey was gone.  Again, I searched.. left- right… scanned the area. It was gone.  Down I go to my book to look up what it means to see a turkey.  Abundance.


Of course. I was figuratively crying at the scarcity I seemed to be experiencing and a turkey showed up to remind me of my abundance.  I was reminded at how blessed I am in all I have and that I just need to believe I have enough and I will have enough.  I was reminded to have gratitude for my current abundance.  Thanks again for the reminder!

So, what messages are you getting from animals?  It’s not like every wren, sparrow, cat, dog or squirrel that passes through has a message.  As you begin to take note, you will begin to know when you are being given a message.  Try it out. Pay attention and then share with me  when you see something!

About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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