September’s Monthly Reading

I get messages. We all do. Sometimes we listen and sometimes we don’t.  I got a message that I need to start doing a monthly reading and publishing it.  I wanted to say “NOPE”!  Using cards is new to me. I’m not comfortable with it etc.  Well, the only way to get comfortable with something is to do it, right?  So, here’s your September reading and me being vulnerable as I learn.   I utilized Doreen Virtue’s and Radleigh Valentine’s Fairy Tarot Deck.

September 2017 reading


September begins the season of change.  Many of you have been grappling with choices in love, relationships, life path and career.  We are in a season where it’s appropriate to let some things come to an end to allow others to blossom in the future.

The Lovers Card is telling you to make your choice from the heart.  Go within and ask “What is my heart’s desire?”  Quiet your mind and your intellectual need to know.  Sit in silence and breathe in and out and follow your breath.  Ask “What is my heart’s desire?” and then listen.  Be patient in listening.  If you haven’t been paying it mind, it might whisper at first. The indecision that you’ve been with lately has taken a toll on your emotional health.  It’s time to claim what you desire within your heart.

What if I can’t hear my heart?  The Moon Card encourages you to listen to guidance and receive messages from the universe, events (you know those synchronistic things that happen), animals and dreams.  Essentially- pay attention to what’s outside of you!  For those of you prone to worry (which adds to indecision) it’s time to set that aside.  Know you are loved and guidance is being given.  You just need to be still enough to use your senses- all of them- to receive the messages.

During the time of inquiry, you might find yourself “digging in” to work and figure it out. The Ten of Spring reminds you that all work and no play will have consequences.  Are you willing to note your messages from the universe but not ask for aid of others?  Instead of wearing your fingers to the proverbial bone all alone, ask your guides, angels and even other humans for help. Who is your tribe? This journey is not to be done alone.  Remember in allowing others to help you, you are helping them.

To recap: This month, as you face a choice and choose a path, be aware of the signs you are being given and seek council of those you trust.  Sorting through this burden you’ve been carrying will help your emotional and physical health.  It’s best to do this work now (but not alone.. remember- not alone) before you jeopardize your immune system as we head into the season of colds and flu.


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I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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