Emotional Outbursts

Part of my self care practice is to get acupuncture and energy work once a month.  Yesterday I had my acupuncture appointment.   As we started she asked “How are you?”  “I’m great overall but feeling emotional.”


The next thing I know I’m feeling the light touch of needles between the juncture of my toes on my left foot.  As the last needle goes in between my pinky and next toe, I burst into tears.   “What point is that????”   She told me that it was the one for emotional release.  “Well, it’s working I laughed/cried.”  It’s not uncommon for me to shed some tears during an appointment if we are releasing emotion but the abruptness of it was a surprise.  What she told me next was fascinating.  All her clients (and the clients of her co worker that day) had emotional outbursts.   She said between what was happening in our country and the upcoming solar eclipse it wasn’t a surprise.

I share this because I know I’m not alone. I know emotions are high.  My partner is a black man and as a white woman, I’ve learned a lot in our years together about a history that was not taught to me in school.  I’ve learned about the systemic racism and how racist I am.  As I watch what’s unfolding in our country and I see a leader speak in ways that incite my anger, hurt and fear, I know I need to work to release all of that so I can be clear headed and grounded.  Not only do I need this for me and those I love, I need it so I can help support my clients.

I’ll share with you one of the things I do when my emotions are high and I feel like I’m “in my head” or my energy is in the upper part of my body or I feel stuck or I feel scattered.  I literally get grounded.  If I can, I go outside barefoot and feel the earth under my feet.  I close my eyes and visualize myself being rooted where I stand.  In addition, I envision all that’s bothering me, weighing me down, stuck on me energetically sweeping down off of me and into the earth. I ask Mother Earth, Pachamama,  to take it and transmute that energy.  I ask for her support.

If I can’t get outside, I will do that visualization wherever I am.  Let me know when you try it how it goes.  Oh, and feel free to set up a distance or in person Reiki appointment with me. I can help you with that energy!  You deserve that support.  healingwithyvette@gmail.com   Join my FB Page to see what else is happening.  https://www.facebook.com/healingwithyvette/

About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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