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Emotional Outbursts

Part of my self care practice is to get acupuncture and energy work once a month.  Yesterday I had my acupuncture appointment.   As we started she asked “How are you?”  “I’m great overall but feeling emotional.” The next thing … Continue reading

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Get rid of the purple chair!

Messages from the other side, from the dead, from those who have crossed, people who have passed on- use whatever euphemisms you want- often raise the skeptic in folks.  I mean how can that possibly be true????  It can be … Continue reading

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I don’t hear you… nah nah nah

As I ended a recent Reiki treatment with a first timer and finished sharing the messages I was asked to deliver, I asked “What did you think?” The response “It was nice but it was disappointing. I didn’t get my … Continue reading

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Shit. It hurts sometimes.

Healing isn’t always easy. Who am I kidding?  It’s rarely easy in the moment.  There are times when the desire IS to rip off the band aid but what’s underneath is just so freaking raw. Awhile back, I posted about … Continue reading

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Extending opinions

When I fly, I automatically ask for a seat belt extender.  I’d rather ask when I enter the plane than ask when I’m seated.  When I had my lap band surgery years ago, I remember sitting in the seat with … Continue reading

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