Merging my lives

I’m in my 23rd year with Pampered Chef- a home party/ direct sales company.  I’m three years into my Reiki journey.  The call is getting louder and louder for me to do more with Reiki and to figure out how to merge my lives and build this second business.  I’ve spent time recently in the emotion of realizing my identity has been wrapped up in being a consultant with PC all this time.  It has defined so much of what I’ve done and where I’ve gone over two decades.  Then another healer in my life asked me to consider putting that experience together with energy healing.   And excitement ensued!

the path

My friend, who is an oracle and angel communicator, had a vision of a group of healers coming together as someone hosts an event where his/her friends get to experience different healings.  We brainstormed and have a vision of a handful or so of healers (oracle and angel communicator, reiki, medium, acupuncturist, energy worker, aromatherapist, psychic etc) going into someone’s home or event and offering shorter services for those in attendance.  Each person in attendance would pay a set fee and get to experience some or all of the modalities. We also see an opportunity to journal and do some other things during any down time.  The person who hosts this healing event will get the opportunity to earn discounted and free sessions with the healers in attendance.

For now, we are a two woman event as we vet and work with others who might be interested and hammer out our details.  Our vision includes helping others expand their beliefs and knowledge about healing, helping others experience new modalities of healing, and the overall desire is to help others heal and raise the vibration of good.

If you have any interest in this type of event and want it in person, we are in the Hudson Valley.  The beauty of what we do is that it can be done long distance.  Energy and communication with spirits and angels can be done anywhere and sent anywhere.  Please feel free to direct any questions to


About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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