Journey to Reiki Teacher

I took all three levels of Reiki to be attuned with the symbols. I did NOT take master level to be able to teach.  In fact, when I took Reiki 3, I said “I’m not going to teach.”.  (Mind you- I have a Masters degree in education and I’m a teacher by nature.)

In November of 2016, someone reached out to me and asked me to teach her Reiki.  My response was that we could get together and talk about it and see.  We got together and I said “I’ll get back to you.”  Then I began the process of ruminating.  I really, truly felt that I wouldn’t be a good teacher. I felt I didn’t know enough.   I was steeped in self doubt and it pissed off the people in my life who know me and know my healing abilities.  They were pretty exasperated with my doubt and all the excuses I gave to why I couldn’t teach.  It was humbling to have those around me believe in me so much more than I believed in myself at that time.  We had many conversations during this time as they chipped away at my resistance.  It percolated for months.

Then in January my partner, Walter, and I went to dinner with friends and got talking about energy work and one of the women there said “I want to learn Reiki. Do you know where I can learn?”  I wanted to pretend I didn’t hear it but Walter looked right at me and I had to respond that I had been asked by someone else and was “looking” at putting together a class. I would keep her posted.  Again, rounds of self doubt.  Why me?   And I knew why me. It’s my path and journey to teach and I’m a powerful healer and this is the next step AND I grapple with wanting to be responsible for this calling.  Then came the tipping point.

At the end of March. I was driving to a wake and my phone rang.  Someone I don’t know called and said “I got your name from Trista she said you teach Reiki”.  Ha.. I’d been outed by one of my support people that was calling my bluff and just telling people that she knew the perfect Reiki teacher for them.   In that conversation, as I drove to the wake, it was clear; I was meant to teach. The conversation I had with this woman about her journey and her daughter’s journey and their desire for Reiki, showed me that I WAS ready to teach.  The conversation flowed. I allowed for my vulnerability of not knowing how the class would go because it was my first one.  I did tell her I would get back to her though. Although this time it was because I needed to pick dates and check in with the other two woman who had asked me to teach them.

Sunday, I start my first class.  There are three students.  The woman and daughter who were “the last straw” are not able to make it but I’m clear her part in this whole journey was to push me over the edge.  I’m excited beyond measure. I’m super clear that the folks that are in my first class are perfect for the first class and I’m perfect for them.  I have run into road blocks and stumbled over manuals and things that I need.  However, my spiritual guides have put people, places and things in my path to help me create a robust and glorious experience for these folks.  (Well, in my head it will be and I’m clear it will all be perfect however it happens.)

About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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