Kupa my spirit cat

More years ago than I remember, the most loving and special cat walked into my life.  Months before, I’d lost Taffy who had been my special girl for 14 years.  I’d said I wouldn’t get another cat. There couldn’t be another cat like her and I was enjoying this cat free life.

Then I went to do a Pampered Chef party and during my demo this handsome boy sat meowing outside the sliding glass door and he came in and loved on everyone who would pet him.  The host said, he wasn’t her cat, his name was Kupa- he was the neighbors but he lived between two houses and they wanted to find him a new home.  I knew he came around that day for me and I came back a few days later to bring him home.  He’d come from a home of many cats and dogs where he was the one being picked on so he enjoyed life as the only cat.

kupa in a box

He was used to being outside but because I lived on a main road I wanted to keep him inside.  It was quite clear that he had other ideas.  Hanging off the door handle and yowling was a common occurrence. I let him outside and he was the only cat I know who looked both ways before crossing the road.  Seriously.  I thought perhaps he was lonely and brought home another cat from the shelter and her name was Nala. Turns out he wasn’t and didn’t appreciate the intrusion but they worked it out and became cuddle buddies.  Then a friend showed up with another baby, baby kitten (Zara) and there were three in the house.

I tell you the cat history because he started disappearing for days at a time and then longer.  I figured something had happened to him or he was just unhappy that it wasn’t all about him anymore.  Then one day, as I stood washing dishes, I looked across the road at a house and saw him in the driveway! They had just driven in and he was standing in front of the car- like he always did when I drove in- with total trust that he wouldn’t be hit.  I thought “that brat!”   I went across the street a bit later, knocked on the door and asked if they had a grey brown cat  “You mean Angel? He sleeps on my daughter’s pillow”  I proceeded with a conversation that he was my cat but obviously he decided he wanted a new home and I asked that they take him if they move and make sure he’s taken care of.  I went home and cried.

Many months later, Kupa showed up at the door.  They’d moved and hadn’t take him.  He’d come back home to me.  He, Nala and Zara lived a great life together and we moved to a new place.  He was once again meowing at the neighbors but they didn’t let him in their apartment.  We moved three years later and he once again found a second home to relax on their porch but he came home to me to be fed and loved and snuggle with his fur siblings.  (Left to right: Nala, Kupa, Zara)

kupa nala zara

Kupa was pure love. People would always say to me. I’ve never met a cat like this!  He loved anyone to pick him up and he allowed me to hold him like a baby.  He’d come running from where ever he was when he heard my car coming into the development.  Even though he always chose two homes- it was the way he’d always lived his life- he was my baby. When I met my partner Walter, he was amazed at the bond Kupa and I had and commented on how “dog like” he was.   Kupa’s health had been failing for about a year and he didn’t get to make the next move with me to Walter’s house.

Spiritually, however, he came here.   Two nights ago he came to visit. I was in bed unwinding from the day and all of the sudden I felt a thump at the foot of my bed and was aware of a grey cat figure.  It walked up the side of my body, bumped up against my knees and then head butted my forehead and kept on walking.   My eyes teared up with grief and missing.  It was fast and at first I questioned the experience- as I often do when I have new experiences- but I realized how fitting  that Kupa has kept up his pattern of living in two places.  I’m blessed he came to visit.  He too has dual citizenship!



About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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