Dual Citizenship

This journey of putting down my fork and picking up my life has been more of a spiritual discovery than a physical one. It’s morphed into my journey into my dual citizenship of the physical and spiritual worlds.  This journey has lead me to a recent experience I want to share.

I’ve been coached by Wendy, my friend and mentor- and medium-, to practice being in the spirit world and connecting while going about every day life.  This week I took that on for the first time and was blown away by two experiences.

The first was when a friend reached out and asked me to send some energy to her son who was having some challenges.  As I was driving, I decided to practice this dual connection.  It was breathtakingly amazing.  As I was fully aware of the road (and I know I was because I can tell you exactly where I was driving as this happened. It was as if my awareness was heightened.) I saw him (We will call him Martin)  sitting on a bed.  His head was in his hands and he was crying.  All of the sudden Ganesh/ Ganesa (who has come into my healing arena recently) hopped up on the bed with him, feet swinging like a kid, and started stroking Martin’s head with his trunk to comfort him.  As he was being comforted he opened his hand to show a skeleton key and he said “I don’t know what to do with this.”    I will stop this story here to keep some anonymity but suffice it to say as the scene faded away I thought “holy crap!  THAT was super cool!”  Once upon a time I would have second guessed that experience.  Instead, I owned what I’d just done and experienced.

It happened a second time this week when I was in conversation with someone about her potential depression.  As we sat there talking , I mindfully called in the mothers, the nurturers and the healers.  Suddenly I had white clothed women holding hands with me on both sides as we surrounded my friend.  I could hear the radio in the background but I could see these women.  Out of the group came a beautifully garbed African woman with glowing ebony skin.  A ceremonial fire appeared and drumming started.  All the while, I hear the radio in the background. The drumming reached a fevered pitch and stopped. The fire was now ash and they all faded.  This lasted about a minute and it was like watching a movie on 4X.   Again, I was blown away by this experience of being in two places at one time while healing was happening.

As I write this, it feels like I give elementary language to a post doctorate experience.  I can’t quite find the words to share these dual citizenship experiences.  Keep coming back. I’m sure more will happen.


About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to be the voice for those who don't feel they have one. I share my personal healing and my help to heal others so that people see that they aren't alone in this life and to help others heal.
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