It takes a village

I’ve been dabbling in my “knowing” connection to spirit guides for years.  I imagine it was between 15 and 18 years ago when I “found” Wendy- a psychic medium who became my connection to those who had passed.  She’s not only my connection but she’s become one of my guides and teachers on my journey.  I’ve done shamanic journeying. I became a Reiki master.  The healers I use personally are all connected to their spirits and work with them (acupuncture, massage, Reiki). I have a morning group that I’ve done accountability calls with 4 days a week for over four years.  The three folks in that group have all come into their own spirit connections over our time together.  It’s always been in all of us but our connection has brought it out of all of us. The life partner I have is trained in energy work and spirit connection.  I say this all because this week I realized that my life has been funneling me in this direction of surrounding me with people who will help me on my journey and help me decipher messages I might not get.  Here’s a recent example.

Two weeks ago I went to a Zulu Shamanic umbilini ceremony put together by my acupuncturist. It deserves a post all its own but that will come.  I was sharing this experience with my morning group and one of the members said “You now have a new animal spirit guide.  You need to meditate to connect. ”   I didn’t. I resist mediation.

This past Tuesday night I had an incredibly vivid dream that included a whole cast of people and events.  In one portion, however, I was hiding in a tree house that was only accessible by ladder.  I was in a huge bed and my sister was there and we were talking about how I would be able to escape my current situation.  Then I see the trunk of an elephant feeling around the floor of the entrance to the tree house. Through the entrance walks the elephant and it climbs into bed with me. I wrap my arms around it and as the elephant and I are both smiling broadly I say to my sister “take a picture!”  When I awoke from this dream, I remembered a ton of it but the elephant was the part that I felt was important. I’d planned to consult my dream interpretation book before I’d gone off for an appointment with my health kinesiologist.   but I didn’t have the time.

I got to Sue’s office agitated and incredibly emotional.  It was the 37th anniversary of my father’s death and I’m still grieving. (again, another post).  We did our work and as we were finishing I told her about the dream I tried to tie the elephant into the “memory” of my father.  Sue said “hmmm” as she whipped out her iPad and looked up Ganesha and shared with me about this Hindu deity.  He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and spiritual obstacles. He is also worshiped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. That morning we’d been working on some emotional obstacles.   In that moment, I got that THIS was the “animal” spirit connection I’d been told about. The one I was supposed to mediate to find.  Did I mention that Wendy, the medium, told me that my spirit guides were giving me dream messages because I wasn’t paying them mind during the day.

If you are following this? It’s like it takes  a village to raise my spiritual levels. This morning I meditated to Ganesha.  I immediately started to smell a sweet incense like aroma.  As I tried to focus on meditating, the smell wouldn’t leave. I smelled the blanket I had on me, my hands etc.  Nothing had that smell.  I rested my head again and it came to me that this was the smell I’d get when  Genesha was with me. I asked for confirmation that this was so. I got it and the smell disappeared.   It sure does take a village.


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I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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