I’m back

Two years.  It’s been two years since I’ve posted my words and thoughts and feelings.  It’s time to be back.

Life has changed in this time. I’ve come to another level of understanding of who I am; a healer. In finding my truth, I found space to let in love and a wonderful man.  Both of these have driven up opportunities for growth and healing.  Now I’m ready to share again and move to the next level. This blogging (or public journaling) has given me a way to heal even more and in healing me I heal those who read and follow.

When I look at the last two years, I see I’ve been filling my cup. I’ve done a variety of spiritual healings,  I’ve been working with crystals and cards and I’ve been tuning into the spirit world and my connections.  Yup. I’ve also been aware that I’m the same weight- or even a bit more.  So that journey is still there- no fear for those who had been following that onion peeling operation.  It’s just that I’m called for something more. In fact, as I was typing that sentence – I’m the same weight sentence- I heard a very loud chirping of a bird at my feeder right outside my door.  I turned to look and it was a sparrow and I heard “yup- that’s a common issue for many but you have something deeper to share”.

Yes, I’ve been tuning into those types of messages. I’ve been tuning into the messages of spirit world.  (I will say I often ignore the ones that come when I’m rooting through the cabinets for something to eat and I hear something drop in the kitchen or I fumble with something that suddenly gets slippery.  I don’t like THOSE messages.)  However, the message has been clear. It’s time for me to be back.  So here I am.  Let’s see what starts to unfold.

About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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