Shine brightly- then hide!

Yesterday I had a great time at a birthday party with people who challenge me to be my best self.  The woman of celebration, Emmy, lead my introduction to The Landmark Forum 15 years ago and we became friends.  In these past 15 years, I’ve grown to know many in this work/education.  I always feel at home when I am with them and also challenged, as I mentioned, to be my best self.

I had a great conversation with someone I know from this education but don’t know really well and she made a poignant observation that stuck with me enough to write about. (We will call her C for the purposes of anonymity.) She said “you are someone that shines- comes out in a bright way- and then you go back and hide.”  That observation couldn’t have been more dead on if she tried.  It got me to thinking about my life and it’s true.  I play an adult version of peek-a-boo.  I think it’s a great idea to be out there for all to see and then it gets vulnerable so I hide out again.  This blog is a perfect example.

C said that I needed to link my blog to Face Book so every time I wrote, it showed up.  I’ll spare you the whole conversation but I got to see that by not doing what she suggested I, once again, hide out.  This past year has been about how I hide out. One by one I have been taking away the layers of ways I hide out.  It’s hard when my inner four year old is dictating the conversation to play it safe and hide.  Ok, it’s not hard. Rather, I’ve had 41 years with this four year old running the show and she’s very good at it.  Those of you with children know how good they can be at getting their way! I have to keep growing that conversation up and I’m grateful for those in my Landmark community who keep calling me to be my best self.  Thanks, C.


About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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