First Outing

One of my concerns with this new way of life, is going out in social settings.  In my past, I could hide behind a drink or food so that I didn’t have to be fully present.  It was my comfort- my shield.  In addition, I just liked to eat.

Last night I was at a social event that had vendors with tables of their samples.  Some of which were food and beverages.  I’m still in my protein drink and clear liquid phase so I was not able to partake in it.  I went knowing this was going to be an opportunity to see how it was for me.

At first, I was uncomfortable.  There were things I wanted to sample and taste and all these women around me were eating and talking and laughing.  I got my water and walked around to check it all out and talk to the vendors that I knew.  I actually found myself enjoying the interactions because I didn’t have food in my hands that got in the way of giving and getting hugs from those I knew.  I wound my way to a card table to learn how to play Texas Hold ‘Em with fake money.  I’d never played before and I focused on learning and enjoying the company of those around me.  I realized that had I not been doing that, I would have been eating.  I would  have been eating and berating myself for eating. I would have been eating and not being with people.  In the midst of learning this game, came the “ah ha” and the kudos.  I was just so darn proud of myself for having a great time when it didn’t include food.

It’s a new world, a new experience.  I know some people don’t revolve life around food. I’m getting to experience this a bit and I’m liking it so far.  I also know I’m still in a honeymoon period.  However, I’ll take what learning experiences I can get.

About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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