Riding the Wave

Food is my moderator.  I’ve used it to bring me up or bring me down.  I find that I’m uncomfortable with emotions that are too much in either direction. It’s funny because most people talk about using food when they are depressed.  A few years ago I realized that I also use it when I’m feeling “high” about something in my life.

Today I had a great business day with a sense of success and accomplishment that I have not felt in quite some time.  I was driving along and thinking “oh, I want some ice cream.”  Then I asked myself, why?  Are you hungry?  The answer was “no”. I was able to talk myself out of it.  I was not hungry but I was high on my current life experience and I was uncomfortable with that.

I am not sure if I’m uncomfortable with success or not.  I do know that there is an old conversation (actually a young one- meaning it started at a young age) about the fact that I won’t be happy for long because something will come along to screw it up.  Interesting.  (Thanks for being here to read this because I’m  putting this together as I type it.) I think by using the food I can bring myself down.  I use it and then can be upset or angry at myself and then I’m in that not so happy place that I figured I’d wind up  anyway.  I get to CONTROL it.  Oh, how I love control.  I don’t like not knowing.  By eating when I’m my mood is up, I can bring myself down at my pace rather than letting it run it’s course. Oh how brilliant this is- what a plan!  This also allows me to disconnect from my emotions.  Since I’m committed to feeling those emotions, choosing not to eat will be a step in that direction of allowance.  I can see that this will be a muscle to develop.  Bravo for me for not eating and riding this high to see how long it lasts!

About Yvette

I feel one of my purposes is to share my healing journey to help heal others.
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