It’s all about the base (chakra that is)

Awhile back I was away at a retreat and took a walk with my partner, Walter.  We stopped at one place near a lake and sat down and I noticed a red dragon fly.  Having never seen one, I thought that was pretty darn cool!  I watched it fly and dart around and didn’t think much of it.  When we were done there, Walter left and I kept walking.


I moved to a new area where I sat down and lo and behold, the red dragon fly appeared again.  (Yes, the picture below is my picture of it.) This time it was persistent. It kept flying around me, settling in front of me, flying around me, settling near me etc.  I was clear that it was there for me and had a message.  (Yes, for those of you who see animals/ insects that are “out of place”, there are messages.)  So, I asked it “I know you are here for me. What message do you have?”   The answer was immediate. “Work on your base.”

red dragon fly

My immediate reaction was “awww man! really?”  (of course I did say thank you) The base is about feeling secure and how do I compensate for not feeling secure? Food.  To me the message was to work on food choices and I immediately got annoyed. Funny, right? But this “all about the base” has been playing in my mind a LOT since I got the message.   Yes, there was an intentional play on words there for those of you who are now singing Adele’s All About the Base song.  I can’t apologize because I’ve been singing it since my dragon fly visit.  This message has been consistent because I’m sure this is not just about me.

I’m really clear that as a nation, there’s a need to work on our sense of safety and security.  We Do. Not. Feel. Secure and Safe!  In the past month, we have had three destructive and life altering hurricanes; Harvey, Irma and Maria.  We’ve seen a devastating earthquake across the border in Mexico.  We’ve had a mass shooting in Vegas and fires in California the likes of which we’ve never seen.  Add to that the political climate of today with a president who likes to stir things up rather than bring peace and calm and most recently, the #metoo of women joining together to share that they too have been victims of sexual harassment or abuse.  (And yes, there have been many other world challenges but these are the ones that are right here with us and our geographical neighbors.)  Our base of safety has been rocked.

What do we currently do about this?  We get angry. We rage. We cry or we use a false sense of grounding. What is your go to way of grounding yourself in security? Are you like me and you reach for food? Do you reach for cigarettes?  Do you shop?  Gamble? Drink?  Get lost in FB or TV?  Video games?  Maybe you use a healthy way to ground yourself.  Kudos to you. Really! Awesome work.

It has become more evident to me that my Reiki services are needed more now- as are all light workers’ services- then ever.  Our calling is to help people be secure in their earthly bodies and help them calm their emotional minds and spiritual energy.  The more we are amped up in our discomfort the more dis-ease we feel and the more diseases we manifest.  The importance of self care during this time when we lack a feeling of security is so important.

This past week one of my clients came to me because she is not feeling secure in this country and there’s been a major impact on her and living a full and vibrant life.  When we left the session she could breathe more easily, felt more relaxed and I’d been given some messages to share with her. She had some exercises to use to help keep herself feeling safe and some crystals to use for the same purpose.

Until my website is up, this is a great way to reach me:


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My spirit room- come take a look!

I have this room. This really cool room where I go to meditate, offer Reiki and teach my Reiki classes. It’s also where I go to write and think and just “be”.   I’m very blessed and I want to share the story of the room because it’s kinda cool.

This house was built in the early 1900s by the mayor of the city.  It was sold to a Doctor at one point and the room I used was part of the practice.  Before that, when my partner and his wife moved in, he used it for an office until she wanted it to do clay work and put a kiln in it.  When I approached Walter about turning it into a spirit room, it was being used for storage by  one of his friends.   There was a lot- and I mean a LOT-of energy in this room that was not mine.

One of the first things that I did was wash the walls to literally wash away any residual energy that was left behind.  I had the door to the outside open to let in fresh air and as I was conscientiously doing this, I heard a crash.  It sounded like a car crash but not like a car crash.  I could not figure out what the sound was.  I looked out the door only to see that a tree had fallen across our driveway.  This is a view from the road looking toward the house.   That space in between stone walls is our driveway.   There was NO wind that day.  None.  It fell in the best way possible- across the drive way.  Not on the street.  Not on a house and not on anyone!  It was clear to me that I was moving an amazing amount of energy out of that room.  I have other thoughts about the energy I moved but I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion.tree down 2


The whole room is special but there’s several key focal points.   One is my bowl of crystals.  I’ve been collecting them along the way and picking out ones that appeal to me and then finding out their purpose.  I’m currently in a 16 week program to become a crystal clinician so I will be adding about 70 crystals to this collection.  WHOA!  Crystals!  When I look at them though, I get this sense of calm and peace.  This is just part of what I use for my healing sessions.

crystal bowl for blog


Then there are the plants.  I have about 12 plants in my space and BOY HOWDY do they like to have babies in there!  The moment I brought them inside from their summer vacation outside they started birthing all over the place!  The energy is so wonderful in there that they just go crazy!  When I walk in I can feel the life they bring!

spirit room plants with babies

My room wouldn’t be complete without my angel fish.  I find that the sound of water is very calming and nourishing for me.  I’m a Pisces and that might have something to do with it. I can sit and watch the fish swim and I just feel like I’m transported to a place of calm.  Besides the angels there is an electric blue ram who is just gorgeous.

fish tank

Then we have my ancestor and spirit animal wall.  Before each session, I turn to this alter of sorts and invite in all my ancestors and spirit animals who come in love.  My spirit animal is a Siberian tiger and I have a lot of cat energy in my life.  In this picture you see my grandparents and father.  I feel honored to give them a place of honor in the spirit room. Below them is a shelf filled with animal items- feathers and such.  There are pictures of my cats who have crossed over who are part of my healing path.   Again, I feel spiritually connected but this gives me a visual connection.

ANCESTORS image for blog

There’s so much more to this room. My cards, rattles, singing bowl, books, comfy seat, chimes, candles etc.  I want people to walk in and feel at home when they come to visit.  But for those of you doing a distance session, I wanted you to have a sense of what my space looks like when I’m working with you.   Feel free to join my healing page or my FB group.   I believe we all heal together so the more folks we have who join us in the conversation, the greater the reach of healing.

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Your October Reading

Happy October- and from what the cards say, it will be if you’ve been working on projects or dreams.  I was drawn to ask what it is we need to surrender using The Power of Surrender Cards by Judith Orloff and then what messages the Fairies have for us using the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

october 2017 reading

First let’s talk about what we need to surrender.  There is a need to surrender your attachment to results and then surrender to trust.  You’ve been wanting something to go your way.  There is a difference between manifesting and intending an outcome and holding on to it like your life depends on it.  When you hold tightly to something, it doesn’t happen.  Think of it like trying to hold water.  If you grasp your hands around water to tightly grasp it, it disappears.  However, if you cup your hands with the intention of collecting the water, you will fill your hands up.   This is what surrendering to results looks like.  Let the results gather rather than holding them so tight they run!

This is also where you need to surrender to trust.  Trust yourself and your decisions and trust in your higher power or guides. If you still have nay sayers in your life, don’t listen to what they have to say or let them pull you back into the bucket of crabs.   Breathe deeply and trust in the path you’ve chosen.

Next let’s talk about the Fairy lessons.  I laughed when I saw their messages because they followed in line with the surrender messages.  Where’s the surprise in that? Not!

We have the nine of summer letting you know that your wishes come true and your dreams are fulfilled. Remember that you are releasing yourself from your attachment to those results so space is given for you to have those results.  If you haven’t recently thought about your dreams and desires, it’s time to spend some quiet time thinking about this.  Write them down and then trust in the process and see what the next card has to say.

The chariot is pointing to the success from the dedication and self discipline you’ve put in.  I know. You are saying “but Yvette, I’m not supposed to be attached to the outcome”  You are right.  No attachment AND you still need to do the work.  You still need to turn on the water and open your palms to receive the water.  You’ve been working and putting things and systems in place to move forward in this dream of yours. It’s time to celebrate.  If you are just writing down your dream, put in those systems and do that work and you too will be celebrating with the rest of us.

And lastly, we have the Two of Autumn reminding you to bring fun into everything you do.  You’ve been juggling multiple things and priorities and maybe even jobs. (That’s pretty darn typical in our society today.)  You can have this all be fun and have it seem even easier if you add fun to all that you do.  Gratitude is very helpful in this arena.  Add joyous gratitude to the bounty of opportunity rather than the drudgery of all of you have to do.  Maybe you want to keep a joy journal or a gratitude journal.

It looks like this month is about celebrating the work you’ve been putting in or will be putting in.  Take time to breathe, surrender and have fun and you will be basking in the results.  I’d love to hear what projects you’ve been working on that will be coming to fruition.  Find me over on Facebook  Healing with Yvette

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What is “distance” Reiki

I was doing a distance Reiki session recently and realized I wanted to share with you all a bit about how that works on my end and on your end.  First, I want to share with you a bit about my experience of being a receiver of distance Reiki and then I’ll share some about being the deliverer.  So distance Reiki is when you are in one geographic area and the Reiki practitioner is in another.

I had been receiving Reiki for way more than a year when I decided to try out a distance session.   I remember my first one most vividly. At the time I had three cats and  I was laying on my bed with the covers on during the session.  I felt one of the cats get on my legs and lay down.  I didn’t think anything of it because two of my three cats were cuddlers.  I closed my eyes and felt the energy from the healing and when the time I was up, I opened my eyes only to discover that the cat on my legs was Zara.  Yes, my healing partner, who, at the time,  had never, EVER gotten on my lap was on my legs to receive the Reiki. She loved it.

Another time during a distance session, I had a past life regression.  I vividly saw myself in the back of a covered wagon.  I was surrounded by my children and we were pulling away from a grave site where I’d just buried another child of mine- a boy.  I’d lost a baby. I heard myself say “We must move on. There is no time to grieve.”  That was an incredibly intense and wonderful experience to be regressed so easily through a distance session.  I found myself in a fetal position crying with the release of sadness.  It hasn’t happened since but it opened up another level of healing for me when I realized that grief was stored in my body even though it was from another life time.

covered wagon

Now let me share what it’s like for me as a practioner delivering distance Reiki to you.  The first thing we do is talk on the phone for about ten minutes.  I ask you what’s going on and where you want to focus our healing.  I then pick a card for your session or have you help me pick a card.  (I ask some questions to get the card that you want me to pick.) We talk about that card and it’s meaning.  I remind you that you and I might have something we want for you out of the session but the universe might have another plan.  I ask you to wash your hands, get into a comfortable chair or bed, and then set your alarm to call me back in forty minutes.  (You see. There’s a good chance you will fall asleep and I’d rather have you call me then to wake you up by calling you.)

palo santo

On my end (I’ve already smudged the room, prepped crystals, connected with my guides and washed my hands before we even talked.) I sit in my comfortable chair and a half with some calming music in the background.  I then imagine you on my Reiki table. I go through the hand positions over your chakras and go where I’m intuitively lead.  I listen to any messages I receive and write them down so I can share them with you.  What’s cool though is that on this imaginary table, you are the one spinning and moving.  When I move from your crown and third eye chakras to your heart chakra, I don’t move ME in my mind.  I move the table.  I realized this last week during the session and it was just fun to notice.  When we are in person, I move around the table. When we are distance, the table moves where I need it to be so I can be stationary.

yvette crown chakra

When you call me back, you share with me what happened on your end and I share what I had. This exchange takes about ten minutes.  I text you the image of the cards or any crystals that were used.

What I love about distance Reiki is that YOU can be anywhere.  You don’t have to take travel time (even if you are local)  and if you are not local, it doesn’t matter.  If you take a look at my FB page  you will see testimonials from just some of my distance clients.

Healing with Yvette FB cover photo

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It’s Play Time!

Like many intuitive Reiki masters and practitioners, I use cards of all sorts in my practice.  Tarot, Angel, Animal Spirit.  OK. OK.  I have about 12 decks and I’m pretty sure that’s minor league in comparison to others.  Cards are like crystals.  You don’t have enough and you can never have enough.  I am called to different decks for different reasons and before a session with someone, I will ask which deck or decks are coming out to join us.  Whether it is in person or distance I will use cards for many sessions.

Before a recent session, I had a sense that the angels had a message for me and I needed to pull a card.  So I went to my wall of cards and pulled out Doreen Virtue’s deck Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle cards.  Before I tell you the card, let me share that I’ve been working on work/work balance.  Working my current business with Pampered Chef that I’ve been doing for 22.5 years and building this new healing business- Healing with Yvette.  I’ve been challenged in figuring out how to split my time and manage it.  This past weekend I was scheduled to go to a retreat with Walter for the church.  My thought was:

“Awesome!  I will use this time to write content for my website!”.

I was all set to do that.  I knew what I needed to bring with me etc.  Then I “hear” a message that I need to draw a card for myself.   This is the card I drew:



I just shook my head and said “OK. OK. I hear you!”  My carefully crafted plans of working while away to create content for my website flew out the window- on angels wings you could say.  I’m happy to report that I spent three hours on Friday working on the content and then was fully present during the retreat Friday night-Sunday morning.

Sunday I came back and taught a Reiki 1 Class.  (The focus of Reiki 1 is on self healing and learning “what is reiki?”)  As I was preparing for the class, I got a sense to bring out the decks of cards and offer them up to each student to pick one deck  and ask a question.  I then picked from the remaining decks and asked “What message do you have for me?”  Would you like to guess the card before you look at the picture?


Right?  I mean. Come on!  Really?  Didn’t I just go away for two nights and one full day?  Apparently I did not play enough.  Truth be told I don’t play enough. I feel like I don’t use my time effectively and so I don’t deserve that time.  If only ever day was like my day before vacation where I get lots done and feel accomplished and deserving of vacation time.   I know I’m not alone with this.  Maybe we can start an accountability club for play. Kids get a play group- why can’t we?  I heard the message to get the message from the card.  Now the next step, apparently, is listening to the card.  Details. Details.


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What’s that I hear?

Before I start a Reiki healing session- and often before I meditate, I stand before my ancestor alter and invite in all who have gone before me that come in love.  I specifically ask for the mothers and grandmothers of the hearth.  During healing sessions that I’ve received, we’ve traveled to the hearth of mother earth and been with the women around the fire so it’s comfortable for me to invite them in.  It’s become part of what I do.


During a recent session, I started the way I always do.  The way I just shared.  It was a distance session so I was sitting in my spirit room delivering the session and I started to hear what I thought was chanting. I know my face scrunched up and I tilted my head.  “huh”?  I heard it some more but it was as if it was behind a thick wall. I could hear it but I couldn’t. I could hear the rhythmic way of it but I couldn’t hear the words.  Then I heard the words and then I lost them.  They weren’t words that I understood or knew.  I found myself straining to hear this melodic native or African chanting.  Then I realized I was doing that and I just relaxed and allowed it to be while I continued on with the session.

I ended the session and was still puzzled.  I was clear that this wasn’t a message for my client.  It was as if I had back up in the session.  Those women from the hearth that I called in were there or it was someone else.  BUT I was struggling with “was that real?”  “Did I really hear that?”  Yes, I still question my abilities as they expand.  I reached out to a fellow Reiki master and asked her if she’d ever experienced this.  You see, I wanted that human experience of validation.  She told me no and then he asked me if what I’d gotten was for the client.  I told her, no, I felt they were with me.  She then shared that she felt it was MY circle of healers from another time and now that I’m opening my intuition further, I’ll receive more and more messages.

How cool is THAT?

Now that I know they are there, like the mothers of the hearth, I will call them in each time I do a session.  It’s like having a healing posse. I know that might sound tongue and cheek and it’s not meant to be.  When we are drawn into the world of healing, we are part of a huge energetic circle.  I have incredible humility that I’ve been called to do this work and serve others in their healing process.  I heal. You heal. We heal.

Healing with Yvette:

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Body Boundaries

If you haven’t met Zara yet, she’s my cat and my healing partner.  She’s been with me for nine years and unless I took pictures of her, no one knew she existed until Walter.  Then she decided he was good enough to allow into the inner circle.  Zara has taught me much and recently Walter and I were talking about how she has clear boundaries.

Zara napping healing with yvette

Have you noticed that cats know when they want to be touched and when they don’t?  Zara is super clear about that.  She will come to one of us to allow us to take care of her touch needs and when she’s done, she leaves.  She doesn’t make any fuss about it.  She doesn’t tell us “I’ve had enough” by hissing or nipping. She just walks away.  Boom.  Done.

I never thought about this as boundary setting but when Walter and I were talking about it he shared that he learned not to take this personally.  In fact, he said, we have much to learn from cats.  Seriously, think about it.  They don’t feel bad when they walk way and move on.  They don’t say “but what about my human who wants to pet me more?”  Nope. They just walk away.

She’s also clear she does not want to be picked up.  Oh, how I miss a cat that loves to be swooped up and cuddled.  That’s not Zara.  If I attempt to pick her up (and I do at times to keep socializing her to it) she let’s me know when she’s had enough.  When I first started this, she would physically fight and almost arch her back to get away.  We are at the point now where I can hold her for about 15-20 seconds (and once I even heard her purr)!  I let her go when she’s ready. She used to run into the other room. Now, she jumps down and turns around to be pet some more.  I keep doing this because getting her into a cage to move her or go to the vet is one of the most stressful things for both of us.

Let’s talk about humans though.  They don’t have claws and they have that human condition called “pleasing others” so they often allow for touch they don’t want.   So, when they say that they don’t like to be touched or they don’t like to hug, I think it’s imperative that we honor that.  Doing anything else is bullying.   If you are someone who doesn’t like hugs or being touched, it’s time to stop giving a shit about what others think.  Tell people you don’t like it. Then, if they go in for the hug, hold up your hand as if to signal “back off”.  You have a right to set up body boundaries and for some, this would be a first step.  For all us touchers out there, it’s time to listen!

PS- all of you non touchers, who want reiki healing, it can be a hands off healing.

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