What is Reiki?

Reiki is a funny thing. It’s not tangible and to the analytic mind that wants to “know” it can be tough to wrap the brain around.  We don’t question electricity.  We don’t question how we can talk to someone in another state or country via phone and we don’t question how we can push those buttons in our cars and listen to music that originates somewhere else but is now “following us” wherever we go.

How I like to define Reiki is universal energy and love that is focused in your direction through a conduit called a Reiki practitioner.

Like many of you reading this, I need to know.  It’s my safe place- knowing.  Because if I know then I can prepare and be safe.  You know what I’m saying, right?  Who is with me in waiting for the other shoe to drop?  So, it was with that mindset that I went to my first Reiki experience.  The thing was I trusted the person who was the Reiki practitioner.  She was a friend and I wanted to try this “stuff out”.  She told me a little bit about what I might expect but I’m not sure what she told me.  What I am sure about is I laid there the whole time wondering “Did I just feel something?” “Was that because of the Reiki?”  “What is she doing now?” “What is she getting?”  “Is this working?”  Holy schmoly- it was like a cacophony of cicadas in my head. I can’t say I relaxed that first time I had a full session but I went back many a time because I knew at the end something had shifted.

So, let me tell you what might happen.  You might feel temperature change in and around your body.  You might feel tingles- like arm falling asleep kind of tingles or something on a lesser scale.  You might see colors or hear sounds.  You might fall asleep.  You might feel nothing.   There is no right or wrong with what you feel, see, hear or do during Reiki.  That’s one of the hardest things for you analytical right/wrong people out there. (I see this person in the mirror daily.)

When you have a session with me the first time, we will go over all of your questions. It’s why the first session can be up to 75 minutes.  In addition to sharing what might happen before the session, during the session we can talk.  You won’t interrupt the flow of the healing by asking questions and sharing what’s happening for you.

Your results will also vary.  The Reiki practitioner is not the one in control but is only a conduit for the energy you  are receiving.  I know that I always felt calmer and less stressed when I was done receiving Reiki.  Sometimes I received messages and guidance.  And there were times when I knew something was going on but I wasn’t sure what.  What I will tell you is that I went monthly- I kept going back for more.  The difference it made was important enough for me to put it in my budget and then to get trained to heal.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about being on my table:

I have had the privilege to receive Reiki from Yvette, in person. Her intuition and healing energy are powerful and effective. She provides guidance and wisdom based on my body’s energy that she is guided to share. As a Reiki Master myself, I would not hesitate to endorse Yvette for reiki and energy healing.  ~Trista

You can read more at https://www.facebook.com/Healing-With-Yvette-704623702889693/

Reiki is a funny thing to describe and wrap the analytical mind around. Yet, it works.

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Kupa my spirit cat

More years ago than I remember, the most loving and special cat walked into my life.  Months before, I’d lost Taffy who had been my special girl for 14 years.  I’d said I wouldn’t get another cat. There couldn’t be another cat like her and I was enjoying this cat free life.

Then I went to do a Pampered Chef party and during my demo this handsome boy sat meowing outside the sliding glass door and he came in and loved on everyone who would pet him.  The host said, he wasn’t her cat, his name was Kupa- he was the neighbors but he lived between two houses and they wanted to find him a new home.  I knew he came around that day for me and I came back a few days later to bring him home.  He’d come from a home of many cats and dogs where he was the one being picked on so he enjoyed life as the only cat.

kupa in a box

He was used to being outside but because I lived on a main road I wanted to keep him inside.  It was quite clear that he had other ideas.  Hanging off the door handle and yowling was a common occurrence. I let him outside and he was the only cat I know who looked both ways before crossing the road.  Seriously.  I thought perhaps he was lonely and brought home another cat from the shelter and her name was Nala. Turns out he wasn’t and didn’t appreciate the intrusion but they worked it out and became cuddle buddies.  Then a friend showed up with another baby, baby kitten (Zara) and there were three in the house.

I tell you the cat history because he started disappearing for days at a time and then longer.  I figured something had happened to him or he was just unhappy that it wasn’t all about him anymore.  Then one day, as I stood washing dishes, I looked across the road at a house and saw him in the driveway! They had just driven in and he was standing in front of the car- like he always did when I drove in- with total trust that he wouldn’t be hit.  I thought “that brat!”   I went across the street a bit later, knocked on the door and asked if they had a grey brown cat  “You mean Angel? He sleeps on my daughter’s pillow”  I proceeded with a conversation that he was my cat but obviously he decided he wanted a new home and I asked that they take him if they move and make sure he’s taken care of.  I went home and cried.

Many months later, Kupa showed up at the door.  They’d moved and hadn’t take him.  He’d come back home to me.  He, Nala and Zara lived a great life together and we moved to a new place.  He was once again meowing at the neighbors but they didn’t let him in their apartment.  We moved three years later and he once again found a second home to relax on their porch but he came home to me to be fed and loved and snuggle with his fur siblings.  (Left to right: Nala, Kupa, Zara)

kupa nala zara

Kupa was pure love. People would always say to me. I’ve never met a cat like this!  He loved anyone to pick him up and he allowed me to hold him like a baby.  He’d come running from where ever he was when he heard my car coming into the development.  Even though he always chose two homes- it was the way he’d always lived his life- he was my baby. When I met my partner Walter, he was amazed at the bond Kupa and I had and commented on how “dog like” he was.   Kupa’s health had been failing for about a year and he didn’t get to make the next move with me to Walter’s house.

Spiritually, however, he came here.   Two nights ago he came to visit. I was in bed unwinding from the day and all of the sudden I felt a thump at the foot of my bed and was aware of a grey cat figure.  It walked up the side of my body, bumped up against my knees and then head butted my forehead and kept on walking.   My eyes teared up with grief and missing.  It was fast and at first I questioned the experience- as I often do when I have new experiences- but I realized how fitting  that Kupa has kept up his pattern of living in two places.  I’m blessed he came to visit.  He too has dual citizenship!


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Dreams and nightmares

One of my growth partners along the way told me that dreams are unopened letters if we don’t listen to them.  Part of this spiritual journey has opened me up to more vivid dreams. When I say vivid, I mean colorful, full, robust dreams- that are beautiful, fun or frightening.  Last night’s was one filled with fright. It was asking me to take a look at something.  I write to solidify the dream and experience and lesson.

parking garage

I pulled into a parking garage with two leaders in my Direct sales team.  One was driving (Laura), one was in the passenger seat (Paula) and I was in the back seat.  As we pulled in, I heard ominous music and sensed some negativity. I saw a large, tall shadow lurking.  We pulled up past where my car was and I was attempting to get Paula out and going so we could get both of us to our cars.   Laura just kept rambling on about something until I said something about the trouble we were in and we needed to go NOW!

Paula and I walked to my car and as we did I saw two people walking down the steps. They appeared to be dressed in high school cheerleading outfits.  She was in a yellow checkered skirt (just got it looked like a flag in a race) and he was in a typical cheerleading gym suit.  There was that sense of fear when I first saw them but then a relief when I saw what they were wearing- as if there was no danger there.  Then I heard the music again and was aware of a tall dark shadow moving in our direction.  I hurried Paula to my car, opened the door and she crawled across the seat to the passenger’s side.  Just as I was about to get in, the tall man- he became a man by this point- had caught up to me.  I was able to get into the car but my hand was shaking and I wasn’t able to get the key in the ignition and the door wasn’t closed yet.

As I was trying to insert the key, he was reaching across and taking the key out.  I fought him and tried again as my hand shook.  He was simultaneously fighting my hand and standing up looking at my car decal saying.  “OH- so you must be Yvette. Chef Yvette?  (and the voice was a sneering, snide voice).  And what makes YOU think you are so good? Who do you think you are?”  Then I was able to get my key in the ignition but the car would go no where and he pulled me out of the car.  As I was being pulled out, I managed to get out of the dream and found myself gasping for breath from the fear.

I asked my partner to come to bed and just hold me to ground me back in this world.  I laid there crying telling him about this fear filled dream of darkness. I was trying to process the what, the why, the meaning.  It was fresh in my brain.   I was talking about an experience I’d had earlier in the day that reminded me of high school (the cheerleaders in the dream) and thinking it had to do with that.  Then he said “Can I share what I got? (He’s also very intuitive.)  Why are you afraid of being big?  I don’t mean physically big.  Like, big in success.  What is in your way?  I think you should draw some cards tomorrow to get some clarity.”

It made sense. I’d just shared with my leader team several hours earlier (two of whom were in the dream) that I wanted us to go to the next level as an organization.  I’d shared what I needed to do for that and what we needed as a team.  It’s big and bold and puts me back on the map.  Yeah. That made sense.

Ahhh now I know why  I’m blogging this. As I’m writing though, the other piece revealing itself is that I’ve been doing work these past weeks to create a website and build my reiki business. I’m a healer and it’s part of why I’m here on this earth.  And that I do really question “Who do you think you are?” I share a bit about it in this blog post.   A Little Birdie Told Me     Now let me share with you the cards I drew and see where they fit.

I have many decks. The one deck I chose was the Surrender and Release deck by Doreen Virtue. There were three that decided they wanted to be shown.

  1. Surrender to Passion: Get out of your head and feel the fire in your belly.  Focus on the people or activities that ignite your passion, and let it flow.
  2. Surrender to Play: Take a break from overthinking a goal. Do something fun. Play is a time of recreation and rejuvenation.
  3. Surrender to What-is: Flow with what-is instead of fighting it. When you can’t change a situation, compassionately accepting it exactly as it is will bring you peace.

My reality is that these cards fit both situations.  I’ve been hesitant to be bold, go forward and live with gusto in both of the arenas.  I’m been hunkered down (like hidden in a garage below ground).  I have cheerleaders in my life in both arenas who are supporting me in moving forward.  Now that this voice- this fear- has been brought out I can shed light on it, thank it for sharing and move into the passion.  I can feel the fire in my belly and I can surrender to what-is.  I guess we’ll see how that goes in future posts. It’s a journey so I’m sure it’ll have many hidden wonders.

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The Ask

Life is about communication, isn’t it?  Whether we are the giver or the receiver OR both how we communicate matters.  I had a recent experience where I really got to see this in action.  For some of you who have been in relationships and marriages forever- or for a long time- this might seem obvious or, perhaps, it might have you think about how you ask.

I approached my partner, Walter, with something I wanted to do that would impact him- have guests in for three days.  Not just any guests but some guests that I collaborate with  and that I’ve been working with for about four years. We speak four mornings a week and encourage each other toward our goals and all of us have come into our own with energy work. Needless to say they are a special group.  We get together once a year because we are geographically hundreds of miles away. I wanted to host this year.

This gathering is quite sacred.  We talk, laugh, and do energy healings for one another.  I knew how the weekend would work. I knew how we and I would take care of Walter so he felt included and he wouldn’t feel like an outsider in our house.  I knew it and it was all in my head.  In my head was where it stayed when I approached Walter with the “ask”.  Is it any surprise that there wasn’t an opened armed “YES!”?  I was taken aback that he wasn’t an automatic okay.  Funny, right?  We left it that he would think about it.

Yes, I did stew.  I didn’t understand his hesitancy because I could see it clearly. I knew the impact would be minimal knowing what I know about how the group works and how our house works.  It struck me the next day that what I hadn’t communicated was how it would look and how he would be taken care of so he didn’t feel like a prisoner in his own home. Yes, yes. I tried that when I was defending it but I didn’t do it when I had asked. Then I had the ah ha that I would ask for a do over.

The next night at dinner, I said “I’d like to try something again” as I went into my request with him in mind.  When I was done, I asked if that felt better to him.  Of course it did because I’d done it in a way that honored him. I’d communicated in a way that honored him and our relationship.  That’s the purpose of sharing this story.  Where is it that we don’t honor the relationship when we communicate?  Where don’t we honor ourselves when we communicate with ourselves? We often hear “You wouldn’t talk to another person like you talk to yourself.”  However, we don’t heed that, do we?  So, this communication with Walter had me take a look at how I communicate with myself and others.  Where do I need to honor myself more and how do I do that and how can I do that with others as well.

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A Little Birdie Told Me

I stepped outside and saw a bird, barely alive, on the sidewalk and then I remembered the clunk I heard of a bird hitting the window.  It sat there with its bill firmly planted on the sidewalk and its eyes closed. It’s tail barely moving to show it was breathing.

I looked down at that bird and the first thought that came in is “Let me do some reiki on this bird”  Then a louder thought came in “Come on. Who do you think you are believing you can do something here.”.  Oh. Hello saboteur voice.  I know you well. This time, however, I’m going to go on in spite of you.

I stood there looking at the bird with so many voices in my head.  Ok. There were two. The voice that was calling in my partners in healing and the voice that was saying “This is crazy. This is silly. What if… what if”

I began sending reiki to this tiny wren and I heard a voice say “WHOA!  Back off- that’s a lot!”  In all fairness, in my intentionality and in the wanting to override the saboteur, I was like a grunting weight lifter giving it my all.  So, I backed off and settled into myself and just being the conduit rather than having to be “the one”.  Within a minute, I again heard a voice that said, “That’s enough. Thank you.” and so I went inside.

I checked a minute later and the bird was still there.  My questioning voices started.  I checked again in a minute or two and lo and behold it was sitting with its beak up and eyes open.  I checked a few minutes later and it had flown away.

I’m thankful that I decided not to listen to the negative voices because there were many beyond what I’ve shared here.  I’m thankful that I was able to help heal this bird but most of all, I’m thankful for being given this opportunity to override the voices who stand in my way.  Each time I do that strengthens the healer that I am in this world.

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Just Ask

It seems as though I take one step forward and two steps back.  I’d prefer it be two forward and one back. At least then I’d be making progress.  Maybe I am doing the latter.  I can’t tell sometimes.

Intellectually I know that eating cleaner and losing the processed and white foods will clear my connection to the spirit world and my “dual citizenship” of which I’ve written before.  I think I had one month in my life when I was clean from all of those things but I wasn’t actively working to connect spiritually so I don’t know if it  had an impact.

So I dabble. I dabble with the gluten free- which my body has requested via one of the energy healers in my life.  The sugar- not happening yet.  I go gluten free for a few weeks and even up to a month and then relapse.  What I noticed last week was a relapse after my experience of being in two places at one time.

I have a habit of making headway and then sabotaging myself.  Being able to be present to what was happening in my current world and also seeing a whole vision of healing happening before my very eyes simultaneously was awe inspiring and brought me to a new level of ability.  However, I seem to experience this and then have to even it all out by using food to bring me back to center.  This isn’t an uncommon occurrence for me.

Good things happen and I eat because the vibration of good is too uncomfortable.  I need the other shoe to drop. Things I deem as bad happen and I eat because food is a comforting friend- or that’s the role I’ve assigned it anyway.  I’ve yet to be able to untie the role of food in my life.  I do wonder, though, can it be as simple as my dual citizenship experience?  I was saying to a friend that when I was told by my mentor it was time for me to be present to spirit while I was doing every day tasks, I thought “What do I need to do?  How DO I do this?  How do I start?”   Then the day I did it, all I did was ask.  I asked spirit to join me and do the healing.  And it was done.

Maybe all I need to do is ask to be disconnected from my reliance on food for comfort, stability, friendship, love.  That might be all I have to do but I feel the resistance even as I type this.  As we say in my direct sales business, “Your why has to be bigger than your why not”  It appears my why not is bigger right now.  When I worked in the drug rehabs  the statement was “Fake it ’til  you make it.”   Faking it doesn’t feel like it will work though.  What seems more plausible is asking for not only the release from the ties that bind me to food but something to replace and sooth me like the food currently does. I don’t feel lit up by this but that doesn’t surprise me.  I’m almost 51 and food has been so much for me for as many years.  I like to come to conclusions when I write my posts but I’m not sure I have one this time.  I will do the asking, though, and see what comes of it.




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Dual Citizenship

This journey of putting down my fork and picking up my life has been more of a spiritual discovery than a physical one. It’s morphed into my journey into my dual citizenship of the physical and spiritual worlds.  This journey has lead me to a recent experience I want to share.

I’ve been coached by Wendy, my friend and mentor- and medium-, to practice being in the spirit world and connecting while going about every day life.  This week I took that on for the first time and was blown away by two experiences.

The first was when a friend reached out and asked me to send some energy to her son who was having some challenges.  As I was driving, I decided to practice this dual connection.  It was breathtakingly amazing.  As I was fully aware of the road (and I know I was because I can tell you exactly where I was driving as this happened. It was as if my awareness was heightened.) I saw him (We will call him Martin)  sitting on a bed.  His head was in his hands and he was crying.  All of the sudden Ganesh/ Ganesa (who has come into my healing arena recently) hopped up on the bed with him, feet swinging like a kid, and started stroking Martin’s head with his trunk to comfort him.  As he was being comforted he opened his hand to show a skeleton key and he said “I don’t know what to do with this.”    I will stop this story here to keep some anonymity but suffice it to say as the scene faded away I thought “holy crap!  THAT was super cool!”  Once upon a time I would have second guessed that experience.  Instead, I owned what I’d just done and experienced.

It happened a second time this week when I was in conversation with someone about her potential depression.  As we sat there talking , I mindfully called in the mothers, the nurturers and the healers.  Suddenly I had white clothed women holding hands with me on both sides as we surrounded my friend.  I could hear the radio in the background but I could see these women.  Out of the group came a beautifully garbed African woman with glowing ebony skin.  A ceremonial fire appeared and drumming started.  All the while, I hear the radio in the background. The drumming reached a fevered pitch and stopped. The fire was now ash and they all faded.  This lasted about a minute and it was like watching a movie on 4X.   Again, I was blown away by this experience of being in two places at one time while healing was happening.

As I write this, it feels like I give elementary language to a post doctorate experience.  I can’t quite find the words to share these dual citizenship experiences.  Keep coming back. I’m sure more will happen.

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